Hetherington has a proven record of helping clients achieve their goals with reliable consulting and exemplary service.



Our consultants have proven expertise in:

  • Monitoring prospective ground and applying for tenure throughout Australia and overseas.
  • Preparation and lodgement of applications and renewals.
  • Preparation of exploration programs.
  • Preparation and advice regarding joint venture agreements.
  • Advice on mining, environmental or land use laws.
  • Preparation of submissions to government departments on tenement conditions.
  • Preparation of submissions to government departments requesting expenditure exemptions or suspensions of conditions.
  • Cancellation of titles, preparation of submissions to government departments on reasons for cancellation, reasons why cancellation should not be delayed.
  • Transfer of titles, registration of agreements and encumbrances.
  • Assistance with preparation and lodgement of interim and annual reports.
  • Conducting regular audits in satisfaction of corporate reporting requirements.
  • Assistance with preparation of environmental reports (Hetherington has qualified environmental officers on staff should specific ecological information be required).
  • Liaising with government departments regarding compliance with rehabilitation obligations.
  • Negotiation of access and compensation with private, government and Indigenous landowners.
  • Management of land titles.
  • Closure and acquisition of roads.
  • Review of indigenous or Native Title claimable land.
  • Advice on indigenous or Native Title issues and processes.
  • Negotiations with indigenous Aboriginal groups.
  • Management of obligations and procedures relating to indigenous or Native Title Agreements.
  • Liaising generally with government departments and representing its clients at various industry Chambers, Councils and forums.

Hetherington can prepare a Valmin Code compliant report on tenements for a fraction of the cost charged by most lawyers.

  • Negotiation of access and compensation with landholders.
  • Conducting "Right to Negotiate" negotiations with Native Title Claimants.
  • Native Title advice
  • Due Diligence
  • VALMIN Code compliant reports
  • Environmental planning compliance
  • Management of stamp duty obligations
  • Joint Venture agreements
  • Tenement pre-acquisition status review
  • Preparation of Plans of Operation, security calculations and environmental audits
  • On-site Environmental Assessments and Environmental Liability reports.
  • Preparation and lodgement of tenement related reports including:
    • Activity Approvals, Reviews of Environmental Factors and Environmental Impact Assessments.
    • Mining Operations Plans, Mining Management Plans, Environmental Management Reports, Annual Environmental and Rehabilitation Compliance Reports.
    • Programs for Environment Protection and Rehabilitation, Exploration Compliance Reports, and Rehabilitation and Relinquishment Reports.
  • Title and landholder searches.
  • Government relations


For the last 35 years, Hetherington has been relied upon for a diverse range of tenement related services. Interesting projects over that time include:

  • Direct involvement in first agreement between a Mining Company and a Native Title Claimant in New South Wales.
  • Review of Exploration and Tenure System in Eritrea on behalf of the Australian Government, leading to the adoption by Eritrean Government of Proposals made.
  • Management of several of Australia's largest coal mines and gold mines.
  • Pro-active identification of opportunities to acquire prospective land, resulting in Hetherington clients holding.
  • Retained by Government in Australia to review the computer registration system of every Mining Department in Australia.
  • Engaged by most of Australia's leading law firms to review mining tenements.
  • We are active members of various government/industry review communities to ensure we are able to represent our clients' interests and provide valuable advice on future statutory changes that will affect their mining interests.


Hetherington understands the complexities and peculiarities of mining title management, which require both an eye for detail and an ability to see the big picture.

Our consultants provide a thorough service, proactively identifying potential issues that may not have been readily apparent.

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding value for money while providing effective, proven solutions to our clients' needs.